Linux Filesystem – What each folder is used for.

So I’ve been playing around with Linux off and on for a while now.  But coming from a Microsoft background the names used for the file systems has always puzzled me.  So I went out and found a really nice list of what each file system is used for over at Siva Mulpuru’s Blog.  I’m re-posting it here for personal reference.

Folder Use
/boot This folder contains important files to boot the computer,
including the bootloader configuration and the kernel.
/dev Each device on your system (such as sound cards, Webcams,
etc.) has an entry in this folder. Each application accesses the device by
using the relevant items inside /dev.
/etc Systemwide configuration files for the software installed
on your system are stored here.
/home Each user account on the system has a home directory that
is stored here.
/lib Important system software libraries are stored here.
/media Media devices such as CD drives and USB sticks are
referenced here when they are plugged in.
/mnt Other devices can be mounted, too.
/opt Optional software can be installed here. This folder is
usually used when you want to build your own software.
/proc/sys Information about the current running status of the
system is stored here.
/root This is the home directory for the main superuser.
/sbin Software that should be run only by the superuser is
stored here.
/usr General software is installed here.
/var This folder contains log files about the software on your