Hello, my name is Robert

I’m a Systems Administrator professionally and possess an Associates degree in programming and have during my career managed Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and Proofpoint products to name a few.  I’ve dabbled with Cisco and several flavors of Linux and poked around at a Apple computer a time or two.  I find technology in general to be interesting and enjoy working with it.  I intend to use this blog as a point of personal reference both personally and professionally. I’ll mostly be writing about the a fore mentioned products, along with scripts, and other general things I use to make my life easier as a Admin.  I’ll also post about other things from time to time technology wise that catches my attention that might not be so specific to my job.

Perhaps you’ll find some of it interesting and some of it useful or maybe even funny.  I apologize now for my terrible grammar, for which I am ever trying to fix!  Thankfully we have spell checkers to help! 🙂  Comments are welcome as well as suggestions,  just be willing to keep up a conversation if you start one.

If you have a question and I have the time I’ll do my best to answer.   If you are asking me to help you with a script, a bit of code, or something similar, don’t expect an answer.  I may or may not chose to respond as I have a pretty active life and job.  That said, if I do offer to help, most likely I will ask you a lot of questions in the process.  Rest assured I don’t assume anything, I just try to follow my own method of  breaking things down to their smallest parts and to look for the problem or to better understand the environment in order to better respond.  If I do offer to help, and give you some code that helps you.  The only repayment I ask for is that you come back and tell me it worked and helped you out.  That little bit of gratification is all I ask!

Please read my disclaimer page (Legal Stuff) before you use any of my scripts, ask for help, or do anything based on my own suggestions.

thanks for reading,


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