How to mount a Samsung Galaxy Note as a Mass USB Drive

Just picked up a new Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone with AT&T.  I’ve been using the iPhone for the past 4 or 5 years and have never branched out till now and there are some learning curves.  One of the 1st ones I ran into was trying to mount the Android device as a Mass USB drive.   The Samsung Note comes with software that auto mounts the device for general drive surfing right out of the box.  Some apps however require you to mount the device in Mass USB drive mode in order to sync to a associated desktop app.  After digging at it for a while I finally figured it out, so here is how it is done.

1. Unplug any USB cables

2. Go to the phones settings page and select Wireless and Networking


3.  Then select USB utilities

Settings USB

4. Press the “Connect storage to PC” button

USB mass storage

5. You will then get this image at which point you connect the USB cable to the phone.

USB popup

6.  After you connect the screen will change again and offer you yet another button.  “Connect USB Storage” – Press it.

USB Connected

At which point the little Android guy will turn Orange and you will be connected.

Android USB connected

(I wasn’t able to take a pic as the drive is locked for use by the PC at that point)

Hopefully you will find this useful as I did.


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