Powershell – Active Directory CSV User list for an Audit

If you ever have someone come along and ask for a full list of AD users, and they want to know if an account is disabled, LastLogon etc etc for say a Audit of some sort.  Here then is a simple one liner using Quest Software (Link over on my links page) Powershell add-on to do just that and export it to a csv for use in Excel.


C:\>get-qaduser | select-object DisplayName, Description, Department, Manager, LogonName, AccountIsDisabled, LastLogonTimestamp, PasswordExpires, ParentContainer | export-csv C:\AD_Users.csv -NoTypeInformation

Then import the AD_Users.csv to excel and delimited by commas.

If you are interested in some other field you can look at your options by listing all the attributes for a single users like so:

C:\>get-qaduser username | fl

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