How to fix the issue of a user not showing up in the Global Address book.

This little one liner can possibly fix a issue where a user doesn’t show up in the Global Address book.

To run the following powershell script, you must be a Domain Admin and an Exchange Admin.

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Where-Object {$_.PrimarySMTPAddress -ne $_.WindowsEmailAddress} 
| foreach { set-mailbox $_.identity -windowsemailaddress $_.primarySMTPAddress }

This Script will set the Email address field found in Active Directory Users and Computers for a User/Object that has a email account in Exchange to the same value as that set in Exchange as that of the User/Object’s primary SMTP email address.

This will fix the issues where the users doesn’t show up in the global address book.

Finally after running the script you must update the OAB in exchange and all clients must update their local address books by running send and receive.

MS Technet Support Article


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